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Check out this cool hentai game, you'll be impressed! Just look at the graphics.

Play here, CLICK


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Check the game out for the slickest lewds and a killer comedy story of lewds galore!

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Error on boot every time. 

While running game code:
  File "game/scripts/graphics_lewd.rpy", line 102, in <module>
KeyError: u'cg massage 1 butt'

The same message every time I open.

Edit: It's the patch. It will run without it, but I get the error every single time if it's in the "game" folder where you instructed it should be put.

I'm not sure why you have a patch. allows adult games.

Steam is where you need the patch.

here is my recording of the Demo

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here is my recording of the Demo

hi, i really like your game! But im not sure if i put the patch in the right place for the steam.

Put it into the /game folder where all the other .rpa files are^^

oh i'm 100% down to support this.  i love the protagonist's energy and design, the art is clean and well done  and the way that information is fed through nicely structured dialogue, excited to play the full game!

Tha-a-anks! It's really lovely to hear you liked it. Really gives the whole team a jolt of motivation!

Lucy Got Problems is a Ecchi visual novel that follows the many ramblings of a demon agent(spy?) that is trying to impress her commander/senpai/love interest in order to see her panties.

Throughout the demo she tries to find a specific artifact and gets lost on the way. Even though she has no idea what she is doing she is a confident and cheerful person ever throughout the demo. Her ramblings can go on a bit too long and need to be condensed shortly.

That's awesome! Thank you very much for your video and feedback. It was really interesting and entertaining to watch. Love your voiceover^^ Also you reading out loud helped us find a couple of typos so thanks for that too!